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Originally posted on My Ink Stained Fingertips:
I often walked the streets in the late afternoon, when the sunlight becomes golden and the shadows reach for me. There was one street in particular that I frequented.  Behind the shops, branched off from the normal bustle of that city, I would walk until I came across…


Tea Time

Temptation threaded  though thick teeth  to tightened tastebuds, tinkering the thoughtless thoroughbred’s temperament. Though taut tides troll the turning tables, truthful theorems tolerate the tantrum. Trusting tunes tarry, tapped to tender thinking.



“But, you seem normal. I mean, you don’t act autistic.” I wish I had An ounce of self esteem For every time I’ve heard this. I would be: Unafraid. Unashamed. Uncovered. Unbroken. Your compliments hurt. Please stop. So I can stop pretending.  


When you begin the query process, it’s so exciting. You have written a book, fine tuned every page, researched agents, you have your query and synopsis perfect…in other words, you are ready to go! So you prepare the email and click send. Then you wait. This is where we all part ways and take our ...


NaNo Fun: Les Ecrivains

In honor of NaNoWriMo, here is a parody song I wrote to the tune of “Work Song” from Les Miserables (the Original London Cast soundtrack version). Enjoy!! 🙂 Prologue: Writer’s Song (Chorus of Writers) Look down, look down / at the keyboard as you type Look down, look down / You’ll write until you die. ...



A dear friend of mine is very ill. He has been for quite some time but he didn’t tell anyone. He’s always been the sort to keep to himself, you see. He has never demanded attention, never seemed to care much when it was given. He is the strong, silent type. Always observing. A quiet ...