Category: Flash Fiction

Dragon Tales: A Deceptive Reflection

Thunder rolled just beyond the fine stonework of Lena’s window. She dropped her comb, dashing to peer out into the light of day. Her silky hair fell around her frame as she leaned from  the open window of the tower, searching; hoping. It had been a full year since anyone had dared face Ribone the Dragon. Maybe this time a brave knight would outwit him; maybe this time she would be free at last.


Of Bread & Butter & Other Such Things

The following short is a flash fiction story brought to you by a civil debate between friends on the merits of the bread offerings of Texas Roadhouse, Red Lobster, and Olive Garden. For my part, I wrote on what is unquestionably my first choice: Texas Roadhouse. I will add links to my companion’s stories once they are both completed.

Dragon Tales: The Dragon’s Caretaker

He did not know if it was the burning of his blood or the ice of the snow that eventually brought him back to the realm of consciousness. Blinking several times, Kiel peered around the woods in hopes of understanding where he was. Heavy footfalls crunched toward him through the snow. In Kiel’s attempt to ...