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WB Welch often focuses on the darker side of human emotions, always striving to write honest fiction with texture. Brenna's Wing is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Look for "Baby Muncher" in the 16th edition of Thrice Fiction. She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Southern Methodist University.


Tea Time

Temptation threaded  though thick teeth  to tightened tastebuds, tinkering the thoughtless thoroughbred’s temperament. Though taut tides troll the turning tables, truthful theorems tolerate the tantrum. Trusting tunes tarry, tapped to tender thinking. Advertisements


When you begin the query process, it’s so exciting. You have written a book, fine tuned every page, researched agents, you have your query and synopsis perfect…in other words, you are ready to go! So you prepare the email and click send. Then you wait. This is where we all part ways and take our ...


Unexpected Connections

Twitter is a wonderful place…for some. It’s definitely a place to go if you’re looking to kill some time, read a long rant, or spew some feisty comments…but it’s also a place writers often go to build a platform, or at least part of one. That was the motivation for all of us, the founding ...