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I live in Indiana with my husband, son, and herd of furbabies. We own a small business that allows me the time to pursue my interest in writing. My passions outside of writing include American Sign Language, reading, chocolate, whatever hobby I've picked up for the week, and ellipses...



“But, you seem normal. I mean, you don’t act autistic.” I wish I had An ounce of self esteem For every time I’ve heard this. I would be: Unafraid. Unashamed. Uncovered. Unbroken. Your compliments hurt. Please stop. So I can stop pretending.   Advertisements


NaNo Fun: Les Ecrivains

In honor of NaNoWriMo, here is a parody song I wrote to the tune of “Work Song” from Les Miserables (the Original London Cast soundtrack version). Enjoy!! 🙂 Prologue: Writer’s Song (Chorus of Writers) Look down, look down / at the keyboard as you type Look down, look down / You’ll write until you die. ...



A dear friend of mine is very ill. He has been for quite some time but he didn’t tell anyone. He’s always been the sort to keep to himself, you see. He has never demanded attention, never seemed to care much when it was given. He is the strong, silent type. Always observing. A quiet ...