About the Group

Time is an illusion and numbers mean nothing. I write until midnight and edit never…sounds take on a new dimension and sleep is a lie.

-Your Darlings

Welcome to Oh My Darlings!, a snarky, quippy group of women just trying to survive in the modern world of authorship. We are persistent, we are motivated, and we really just want to see EVERY AUTHOR PUBLISHED EVER. In our blog, we try to demonstrate that. You will find various topics: short fiction, articles on the craft of writing, articles on querying or self-publishing, thoughts or ramblings, support for works we like or reviews of things we read, etc.

Follow our blog, read our bios, check our individual profiles on Twitter, get to know us a little better. We definitely want to know you! Have an idea for an article you would like to see or a topic you would like researched? Drop us a line, and we’ll see what we can do.

Our Twitter Handles:

R.F. Hurteau:  @RFHurteau

J.M. Cavender: @IKnowImOkay

Kristin Connon: @kristinconnon

Gloria Bringe: @BringeGloria

WB Welch: @authorwbwelch

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