NaNo Fun: Les Ecrivains

In honor of NaNoWriMo, here is a parody song I wrote to the tune of “Work Song” from Les Miserables (the Original London Cast soundtrack version).

Enjoy!! 🙂

Prologue: Writer’s Song

(Chorus of Writers) Look down, look down / at the keyboard as you type

Look down, look down / You’ll write until you die.

(Writer)The screen is bright / Like sunlight on white snow

(Chorus) Look down, look down / There’s ten chapters to go…

(Writer) This scene is wrong! / Sweet Jesus fix this plot!

(Chorus) Look down, look down / and type your every thought.

(Writer) I know someone / will swoon when they read this!

(Chorus) Look down, look down / else your query is dismissed.

(Writer) When I get done / I’m gonna need, some beta reads!

(Chorus) Look down, look down / at the keyboard as you type.

(Writer) How long, author / until this character dies?

(Chorus) Look down, look down / keep writing yourself daft.

Look down, look down / It’s only your first draft…

(Agent) Now bring me query two-four-six-oh-one / You have my eye and the review’s begun.

You know what that means?

(Writer) Yes! I’m publishing!

(Agent) No. It means you get to submit a full MS. You are unpublished

(Writer) I work really hard!

(Agent) You are not known!

(Writer) I’m building a fan base. My writing Twitter is full of fans, and my Facebook…

(Agent) Family and empaths, you must learn how publishing works!

(Writer) I know how hard I’ve worked, in hopes, of a publisher…

(Agent) This plot needs some work. The characters feel kind of flat, yes 24601

(Writer) The title is “My Best Book!”

(Agent) There’s been better! But don’t give up just yet. Do not give up yet, on 24601….




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