Month: October 2018

Dragon Tales: The Dragon’s Caretaker

He did not know if it was the burning of his blood or the ice of the snow that eventually brought him back to the realm of consciousness. Blinking several times, Kiel peered around the woods in hopes of understanding where he was. Heavy footfalls crunched toward him through the snow. In Kiel’s attempt to ...



A dear friend of mine is very ill. He has been for quite some time but he didn’t tell anyone. He’s always been the sort to keep to himself, you see. He has never demanded attention, never seemed to care much when it was given. He is the strong, silent type. Always observing. A quiet ...


Unexpected Connections

Twitter is a wonderful place…for some. It’s definitely a place to go if you’re looking to kill some time, read a long rant, or spew some feisty comments…but it’s also a place writers often go to build a platform, or at least part of one. That was the motivation for all of us, the founding ...